Welcome to Step 4: Sales!

Welcome to step 4: Sales!

By now you’ve gained some clout in the marketplace, positioned your personal brand and business properly and have begun building your audience, list, pipeline and filling your calendar with appointments

All of the work you’ve done until this point is going to make your sales process 1000X easier. 

People have a difficult time selling because they jump to step 4 (sales) right out of the gate and have no idea what to say, no social proof to back it up and no clue where their next lead is coming from. They have a difficult time because 

  • Nobody told them this was important, or…
  • Nobody told them that steps 1-3 needed to be done FIRST, or…
  • They knew it was important, but neglected it because they were so money-hungry

When you know you’re good, you can create results, you have others applauding and thanking you, you have a solid magnetic core message, great assets that drive people to you and a consistent flow of leads, “what to say” becomes almost second nature!

A great sales presentation has a great foundation of a great product or service under it with loads of social proof, a great offer and, equally as important, tons of leads to sell to, so that if someone tells you “no”, it doesn’t matter because you have a steady stream of leads flowing in. 

This is why we’ve done steps 1-3.

So now, let’s close baby!