Welcome to Authority & Leadership

Welcome to Step 1: Authority & Leadership! 

This is very important, do not skip this. 

This is also going to be the hardest part of your entire business growth journey. You’re going to feel compelled to skip this. You’re going to find 1,000 reasons not to do what is in these lessons. Most likely, you will feel that on almost every section in this “Step 1: Leadership”

The entrepreneurs who will succeed will find it within them to overcome that compulsion to avoid the tasks which will create the biggest result… some call it “procrastination”… unfortunately, many times, that procrastination turns into “perpetual avoidance”

And the tasks that will create the biggest result for you over time are the tasks that empower you to know how to think through your business and know what to do and when without letting fears or poor judgment get in the way.

Even now as I’m saying this, you’re probably thinking, “this isn’t me, I don’t need this stuff, I’m good”

That’s fine, but you bought this program because you want to grow your business. And your business will grow to the extent that you’ve grown, period.

Leadership in business begins with you. Interestingly, this is what you’ve heard as “building your personal brand”… Jack Welch of GE has a personal brand, Steve Jobs had a personal brand, Elon Musk has a personal brand. They stand for something, they have a mission, and they communicate it. It drips into their business as well. It has to. Apple wouldn’t be what it is without Steve Jobs. GE wouldn’t be what it is without Jack Welch. Personal brand mattered before there were “personal brands” as we know them in 2019 and beyond.

You have a personal brand and it is transferring into your business whether you know it or not. Your business will live and grow because of you. You are the central focal point of the whole thing.

To attract leads and customers, you need people. 

To attract people, you need to be valuable and the marketplace needs to know it.

If you aren’t attracting enough people clamoring for your products or services, you haven’t served enough people.

Outflow = inflow (more on this later)

Outflow of value in a systematic, effective manner = steady inflow of people

If you can’t drive the train forward and be the one to “leap”, nobody else will either, clients, nor team members

As a precursor to your finances section, we need to start a couple things right now…

  1. Create a mint account, sync your accounts, tag your transactions every single day – that which gets measured, gets improved
  2. Create a brokerage account and set up an automated transfer of at least 5% right now

Back to Leadership...

We’re going to make sure that your personal brand isn’t left to chance because, like it or not, you have a personal brand – more than that – you need a great personal brand if you want to have a great business.

If you’re not prepared to take the ball and be a leader and highlight yourself so others can follow you as they did Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg, you will fail. 

You are 100% responsible. It’s not on anybody else except you. Always. That’s a ground rule. Regardless of the worst catastrophes “done to you by others”, we’re going to agree right now that from this point forward, you’re going to take full 100% responsibility for your business and your life. 

You may be confused during this process. That’s okay.

You may think I’m crazy during this process. I’m fine with that.

I can only share with you what works. And the “mindset that works” is most important. 

Also, the business that you are in may not be the business you ultimately end up with – and that’s okay

You may start as a marketer, but end up helping people with their mindset, while using the skills you learned as a marketer

You will persevere as an entrepreneur if you have drive and true intention to help others to get a result you’re truly passionate and excited to work on every single day.

You will not succeed if you’re just trying to make money for money’s sake, you may make $5k or even $100k, but you will need to get outside of yourself and truly desire to serve others at an ever increasing level in order to truly win this game… even then, there is no “winning”, there’s just constant improvement and progression. 

You may find that the current business that you’re in isn’t the business that juices you. It’s okay to pivot, it’s okay to change. Just because you took a course on learning a certain skill and just because the marketplace “needs” that skill, doesn’t mean that is your true greatness. That’s okay. 

95% of entrepreneurs fail because they go into business for reasons that do not empower or energize them. They think they have to be this big successful powerhouse with tons of clout in order to get leads and close customers and build a real business. 

In this course, I’m going to walk you through a process on firstly how to think so you can be the person that succeeds in any entrepreneurial endeavor, more importantly, your life as a whole. 

We’re going to cover everything in the correct sequence, and each step will build on the previous one, so do not skip this! We’re starting with getting you, the leader, into a mindset and understanding of what you’re up against and how to battle every fear or doubt you will have along the way, then going into building your foundation, lead generation, sales, scaling and begin building real wealth.

You already have a reason as to why you’re here beyond “making money”, right now, we need to articulate it, so I’ll see you in the next section to start that process!