Welcome to Foundation & Message

Welcome to Step 2: Foundation & Messaging

By this point, you’ve begun building personal authority in the marketplace. It may be small, but continuing the daily disciplines outlined in Step 1: Leadership is going to help you immensely in anything you do in your business life

If you’re trying to sell anything, your prospects will want to know if you have a track record and authority. From there, it’s time to create the positioning and core message of your product / service

Just like Elon Musk has a track record in pioneering new technology and bold solutions for the marketplace in Paypal, Tesla and Space X… Richard Branson has a track record for travel… Warren Buffet has a track record for investing… anything that you recommend or “get behind” is going to need two things…

  1. Clout (you get that by having a reputation – you get a reputation by adding tons of value so that people publicly applaud you for “great work”)
  2. Crystal clear messaging and positioning of your product / service so that people don’t get confused as to what you offer or why they should care.

You can have a great reputation and personal authority - that will help you sell just about anything.. BUT if you’re unclear with your positioning, messaging and calls to action (how you’re trying to get your prospects to interact with you – book a call, opt in to an email capture, buy something, etc.) you will be missing out on tons of new business!

As I mentioned, each step of this program will build on the previous one. Now that we’ve got you building personal authority, let’s get to work on positioning your product / service so that it becomes magnetic!