Welcome to Step 5: Scaling, Systems & Structure

Welcome to Step 5! Structure, Systems and Scaling!

By this point, you’ve basically proven your concept. You’ve got a working model, you have ever-growing authority, credibility, a strong foundation, you know how to get leads, prospects and close them as customers.

You’ll notice we haven’t focused on forming an entity or accounting or legal structure yet… the reason is that you don’t have anything to account for or protect until you have income and customers! If you can’t do that, it’s not worth spending the money necessary to set up an entity.

In step 5, we’re going to begin to offload some of the tasks / hats you’ve been wearing by leveraging structure, systems, people, and standard operating procedures. 

Most businesses never get to this point because of this pattern… they outflow like mad to get a few customers… they stop outflowing to serve those customers… their pipeline dries up because they stopped paying attention to it… cash becomes tight, they lose their existing customers, they start over again and outflow like mad and repeat the cycle.

At this point, you should still be consistently outflowing, ideally raising the number of outflow per day, increasing ad spend if you’ve been spending on ads, and gradually increasing your activity, not decreasing.

Scaling is an activity bred by necessity. Every entrepreneur dreams of the “Freedom of business ownership” and tries to delegate everything on day 1… without having a clue how to do it themselves. This is a massive mistake, which is why scaling, systems, delegation, all that stuff is in step 5… not step 1.

You have to go through being the guy / gal who does everything themselves to learn it and make it work… then you are authentically creating demand for a new hire because you literally can’t handle it all – this is a good thing! And now that you have a following and a list, hiring is going to be much easier… also, you can properly hand things off and manage them… because you know what “working” looks like!

Everything in your business is a recipe to create a result. Your job in this step is to begin writing and recording your standard operating procedures

Everything you’re doing on a daily basis in your business has a recipe to it and it needs to be documented step by step. Don’t worry, I’m going to show you a useful sequence to do this in because I’m sure you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with activity.

So let’s get things set up right, and then delegate